The Peltz-Beckham Marriage Offers Many Lessons Learned

The lessons learned from the Peltz Beckham marriage:

1. A gold and white theme works great even if you’re not Marie Antoinette or Donald Trump.

2. There is actually a security bag for a cell phone that locks. Like, with a key.

3. The ideal form of transportation for a newly married couple is apparently a golf cart.

4. Just because your wedding dress is designed by Valentino and there’s a Valentino boutique less than 3 miles from your house doesn’t mean you can’t take the family bird to Rome for several director’s actual design fittings.

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5. There aren’t too many white orchids.

6. You can sell Vogue the magazine’s exclusive rights to your wedding photos now matter how incredibly rich you are.

7. With a top chef such as Thierry Isambert overseeing the kitchen and the infernal chef Gordon Ramsay on the guest list, was anyone worried about a chef getting roughed up?

A night in Marrakech

Regine Traulsen and Bill Diamond marked the end of isolation by bringing back their famous Moroccan-themed party.

There’s a lot to love about this party, including the two camels that greeted arriving guests.

Docile and calm, they were. Do not spit or bite. Sort of like giant golden labs with a giant bump.

As the house is already decorated in the style of Régine’s native Morocco, she did not have much to do to realize the theme “Evening in Marrakech”.

Guests were asked to dress according to the theme, and almost everyone complied. During cocktails, the swimming pool looked like the green room from the filming of “Lawrence of Arabia”.

After cocktails, guests headed to the tented courtyard for a buffet — prepared by real Miami Moroccan chefs — that offered authentic dishes, skewered, sliced ​​or tagine.

Belly dancers and a Moroccan singer entertained.

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