The puzzle of almost invisible clues that caught Wales’ most wanted ruthless jewelry thief gang

July 25, 2018

Plas Gwernfadog Drive, Ynysforgan. Burglary. Four men used a hammer to smash a pane of glass in a door and enter. A disorderly search was performed. Jewelry and watches were stolen.

August 2nd

Maes y Coed, Morriston. Burglary. A PVC door was forced open and jewelry stolen. Twynybedw Road, Clydach. Four jewelry boxes, and watches taken.

August 3

Dinas Street, Plasmarl, Swansea. Burglary. Two men in balaclavas forced their way in through a door. A disorderly search was made in the rooms. A gray BMW was seen driving “at high speed” in the area. Some time before the burglary, the head of the family had a refrigerator removed by a man with an Irish accent he knew to live on the Mill Stream Way site.

Whittington Terrace, Gorseinon. Attempted burglary. Two brands with white scarves around their faces attempted to steal property. They ran from the stage to a gray BWM.

Llys y Coed, Ynystawe. Burglary. A white man wearing a balaclava was seen on the property by the owner who locked himself in the bathroom and called the police.

August 4

Wheatley Avenue, Sandfields, Port Talbot. Attempted burglary. Men wearing face coverings were seen fleeing the property and climbing over a fence on the grounds of the nearby hospital. One of the men wore a crowbar.

Gwernllwynchwyth Road, Llansamlet. Burglary. CCTV shows five men in a gray BMW arriving at the property. A claw hammer was used to enter.

Llys y Graig, Morriston. Burglary. The glass door panel shattered and a messy search was performed. Louis Vuitton bag stolen.

August 7

Onen Park, Skewen. Burglary. Forced entry door and £ 70,000 of stolen jewelry.

August 8

Afan Court, Skewen. Attempted burglary. BWM Series 3 seen in the area, and men with their faces covered seen trying out the door of the house.

Lon Bryn Awel, Llansamlet. Burglary. Messy search done, £ 3,600 in cash stolen from Tag Heuer watch. CCTV audio recorded the sound of Irish accents.

Between August 8 and 11

Chemin Clasemont, Morriston. Burglary. Disorderly search carried out, £ 12,000 worth of jewelry taken.

August 9

Stadwen Street, Llansamlet. Burglary. Maintenance products sprayed around the property.

Chemin Birchgrove, Glais. Burglary. A disorderly search was carried out and a “large quantity” of jewelry stolen.

Llanllienwen Road, Llansamlet. Burglary. Gray BMW seen in the area. Two children of the property lock themselves in the bathroom

Crymlyn Gardens, Skewen. Burglary. Three men with their faces covered were seen fleeing the house. Stolen Tag Heuer watch.

Route Drummau, Skewen. Burglary. Disorderly search, stolen jewelry.

Between August 8 and 11

Chemin Clasemont, Morriston. Burglary. Disorderly search carried out, £ 12,000 worth of jewelry taken.

Between September 28 and 30

Capel Road, Clydach Mill Race, Neath Abbey. Burglary. A “large quantity” of stolen jewelry, as well as a white Audi A5.

September 29

Eppynt Road, Penlan, Swansea. Burglary. Disorderly search carried out, two men seen fleeing the property.

Clydach Road, Ynysforgan. Pant y Helyg, Fforestfach. Burglary attempt

September 30

Parkhill Terrace, Treboeth, Swansea. Burglary. 1000 euros and stolen car keys.

Cwrt Cilmeri, Morriston. Burglary.

October 2

Gwernfadog Road, Morriston. Burglary.

Heol y Deri, Cwmrhydyceirw. Burglary.

Heol Llwynon, Caewern, Neath. Burglary £ 1,000 in stolen cash

Pen an Heol, Skewen. Attempted burglary. Two men were seen cutting and kicking a pane of glass before running away after a dog barked.

Route Walters, Llansamlet. Attempted burglary. Voices heard outside the property.

October 3

Midland Square, Llansamlet. Burglary. Disorderly search carried out, passports and money stolen. The room of the occupants’ son, largely intact since his death in 2009, was searched. A blue Fiesta on cloned plates seen on the street

Ocean view, Jersey Marine. Burglary. Keys to a stolen Jaguar car.

Pen-y-cae, Port Talbot. The Highlands, Skewen. Burglary. Stolen jewelry. Ford Fiesta seen outside.

Averil Vivian Gardens, Sketty, Swansea. Burglary. Back door smashed, neighbors saw lights in an upstairs room. An anti-theft alarm sounds and people run from the house to a waiting Ford Fiesta. A neighbor calls out to the driver of the car and is threatened with the words: “Come on, I’m going to stab you. The car starts.

Route Drummau, Skewen. Burglary.

Between September 28 and October 4

Chemin de Béthel, Llansamlet. Burglary. Stolen jewelry.

17 october

Park Road, Clydach. Burglary. The victim was 81 years old. A disorderly search was carried out on the property. As the burglars left the property, one of the men made a “gun gesture” with his hand towards a witness.

Between October 28th and 30th

Tygwyn Road, Clydach. Attempted burglary.

29 october

Tygwyn Road, Clydach. Attempted burglary.

Pentremalwed Road, Morriston. Burglary.

Bishop’s Walk, Morriston. Burglary. Jewelery worth £ 8,000 taken with money from a child’s piggy bank. Officers noted a “strong smell of bleach” on the property.

October 30

Delffordd, Rhos, Pontardawe. Burglary. Two men are seen running from the property to a waiting white Audi car which has taken off “at high speed”.

November 2

Lon Hir, Pontardawe. Burglary. The occupants saw a white Audi parked in front of the house when they returned home. The car sounded its horn as they approached and two men ran out of the property and entered.

Penshannel, Skewen. Burglary. Disorderly search performed.

View of the pines, Cwmavon. Burglary.

West Avenue, Sandfields, Port Talbot. Burglary. Safe containing stolen £ 6,000 along with a designer watch and car keys. White Audi car seen in the area.

Graig Road, Morriston. Burglary. Disorderly search performed. “Large quantity” of stolen jewelry as well as watches, pillow cases and a bottle of champagne.

Between December 25 and 28

Fenbrook Close, Aberavon. Burglary. Disorderly research. Stolen jewelry including a gold and diamond eternity ring.

Farm Drive, Port Talbot. Burglary. £ 15,000 in stolen jewelry and £ 5,000 in cash

December 29

Route de Bonymaen, Bonymaen. Burglary.

Pentrechwyth Road, Pentrechwyth. Burglary.

Heol Fach, Treboeth, Swansea. Burglary. £ 5,000 of jewelry stolen from a black VW Golf R.

Crymlyn Park, Skewen. Burglary. An 80-year-old owner was present but asleep.

Austin Close, Porthcawl. Attempted burglary. Shiny black VW Golf seen nearby. Three men with covered faces seen running away from the property.

Austin Close, Porthcawl. Burglary.

New road, Porthcawl. Burglary. Disorderly research. Stolen jewelry.

New road, Porthcawl. Attempted burglary.

Prince Road, Kenfig Hill. Attempted burglary. Three men are seen running away from the property and getting into a black car.

Between December 17 and 29

Heol Mabon, Cwmavon. Burglary. £ 10,000 of stolen jewelry.

December 29

West Street, Aberkenfig. Burglary.

Neath Road, Maesteg. Burglary.

Maesydderwen, Llangennech, Llanelli. Burglary.

Between December 29 and 30

Heol Mabon, Cwmavon. Attempted burglary. 86-year-old victim. “Significant damage” caused to the PVC door.

St David’s Stables, Waun Bont Road, Kenfig Hill. Burglary. Large amount of stolen jewelry.

Between December 27 and 29

Heol y Parc, Cwmavon. Burglary. £ 3,000 of stolen jewelry.

December 30

School road, Llanelli. Burglary. Stolen jewelry.

Maesydderwen, Llangennech, Llanelli. Burglary.

Pemberton Lane, Llanelli. Burglary.

January 9, 2019

Sybil Street, Clydach. Burglary.

Penrhiw Road, Morriston. Burglary.

Waun Gron Road, Treboeth, Swansea. Burglary. Disorderly research. “Large quantity” of stolen gold jewelry. Cleaning products were applied to the door handles and switches.

Twynybedw Road, Clydach. Attempted burglary. An 80-year-old victim heard noises outside the house and men with Irish accents talking and swearing. The men ran to a waiting black car.

Heol Fryn, Birchgrove, Swansea. Burglary. Disorderly research. £ 700 in cash, jewelry, 32-inch TV and Bose sound system stolen.

Gwysfa Road, Ynystawe. Burglary. Stolen Audi Q3 car.

Saunders Way, Sketty, Swansea. Burglary. Stolen VW Golf car.

Between January 7 and 10

Heol Nant Bran, Birchgrove. Burglary.

January 10

Royal Oak Road, Blackpill, Swansea. Burglary.

New Road Quarr, Treboeth, Swansea. Burglary. ‘Large quantity’ of jewelry stolen with £ 1,500 in cash.

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