These amazing Black Friday deals on Positive Grid’s amazing Spark amp are still live

Black Friday itself may be over, but that doesn’t mean the Black Friday guitar deals that came with it have expired.

Never one to miss a Black Friday sale, Positive Grid is sticking to its biggest discounts on the jaw-dropping Spark workout amp.

There are three main offerings to choose from – first, a Spark with a free Spark Traveler padded carry bag and free shipping for just $ 224. That’s $ 75 off the normal price of the amp, plus an additional $ 60 freebie with the bag. Act quickly on this one, as this deal will expire at midnight EST.

Next up is the Anniversary Special Edition of Positive Grid Spark Pearl, which gives the amp a crisp white tolex facelift, and also comes with the carry bag and free shipping for just $ 239. This deal is also due to expire at midnight EST, so don’t waste time and grab it.

Finally, you can create your own Spark or Spark Pearl pack with the Spark Hendrix add-on pack and your choice of Sennheiser headphones or in-ear headphones, themselves at a significant discount from Positive Grid too! This particular deal expires Sunday, November 28 at 11:59 p.m. EST, so you have a little more time to act, but not too much!

The Positive Grid Spark is equipped with 33 amp models and 43 effects ranging from utilities such as noise gates and equalizer to overdrives, modulation, delay and reverb. Plus, you have access to thousands of preset tones through the Spark smart app.

There’s Bluetooth and USB on board, so it’s easy to jam your favorite music, connect wirelessly to the Spark app, or connect to your computer for recording.

But some of the most amazing features are in the smart Sparks feature. Smart Jam learns your playing style and automatically generates authentic bass and drum backing tracks so you can play over them.

Meanwhile, the Auto Chords feature works with the Spark app to analyze any song you want to play, when it will find the chords for you, making it easy for you to sit down with your favorite recordings.

Take a look at our 5-star Positive Grid Spark review for an even deeper dive.

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