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Every Sunday, we’ll let you know about sports game news that you might have missed during the busy week. This week we posted reviews for NBA 2K23, FIFA 23, and World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing. Lots of other news and features to read as well. Enjoy.

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While the midfielders still aren’t defending as actively as I’d like, they and their defenders do a better job of cutting through passing lanes with a foot out. This makes passes more risky/rewarded and provides a way to bring those passing percentages down to a more realistic level with a small forced pass error. I still feel like blocking shots in and around the box is overpowered, but when it comes to passing it’s a welcome resistance. By actively stepping one foot forward, the overall pacing of the match feels like a more realistic simulation – although as you increase the difficulty levels, overtaking becomes more automatic by the AI.

The tackle is an area that has also seen improvements, both in the standing and sliding variety. While I particularly think the new hard tackle is a waste of functionality, the tackle buttons are much more responsive, actually allowing you to strip the ball from the AI ​​in 1v1 scenarios. Now if only my AI teammates challenged me from time to time.

Once the race started, it was obvious that there was more to the gameplay than just finishing first. There was a real strategy needed. There are ship variations, with each ship offering enhanced abilities that can play into your strategy for the race or work against them, so choose wisely. The options range from more powerful attack guns to more agile and faster ships or ships with a more robust defense system.

The game also allows you to unlock upgrades through various achievements and can be done by racing in any of the current modes on offer. Unlock a better shield in an exhibition race and that same shield can be used in campaign mode.

fifa 23 slidersMatt10 and his team are back in the lab working on FIFA 23 sliders. The FIFA 23 OS community sliders are at version 3, and it looks like updates will continue to be a bit hot and heavy so that they are looking for a baseline that suits them for the game. If you read our review, KG thinks that some aspects of the game cannot be properly tuned without sliders. Maybe that will change in a future patch, but we have a feeling the game isn’t going to play like “real” football without some tweaks. That’s where the OS Community Sliders come in. Of course, there are plenty of other sliders to look into if these don’t work for you, but we tend to highlight the most popular sets by first place.

nba-2k23-devin-bookerWhen I last wrote about NBA 2K23, there was negativity in the article that was driven by my frustration with corporate greed. That being said, I sincerely think NBA 2K23 has amazing gameplay that’s littered with highlights and flair that shows just how good 2K can be at emulating the feel and look of many of today’s stars (and of yesterday). There are also a large number of NBA 2K23 content creators who all provide a variety of services, tips and tricks to help people with the game. However, I believe the “guides” that are generally available relate to MyTeam or MyCareer. With MyCareer, it’s stuff like “which move is easiest to green” or “use this build to own” and so on. With MyTeam, it shows which players to buy or avoid, which badges are important, or how to complete objectives in a timely manner. This is all great, but I wanted to highlight Kevin Cruz and the NBA 2K23 tutorial work he does because I think it’s more in line with what this community would appreciate.

NBA 2K23 NBA League Pass Code IssuesThe rollout of NBA 2K23 Championship Edition NBA League Pass codes began last week. On the OS forums, people have been talking about this process and whether or not it went smoothly for them. Some users haven’t had any issues, while others are still having trouble getting their codes, so I thought I’d feature a few different articles to help anyone who might be having trouble right now using the code. 2K Support is always the one you should contact with any issues, but feel free to head to the OS forums to troubleshoot issues there as well.

outlaw worldThis is where I spent most of my time. Career mode in World of Outlaws: Dirt Racing is a fun, authentic, and addictive experience. As mentioned above, you can feel the iRacing polish in the driving model, which continues into career mode.

The developers at Monster Games have taken a tried-and-true method with career mode in WoO, and why not? It works, and it works well. You start off as a newcomer to the world of local dirt racing, racing on tracks in your area and a few scattered further afield. You have limited funds, staff, fans and essential equipment. You are armed with nothing but hopes and dreams of climbing the ranks all the way to the professional level, World of Outlaws sprint cars.

crazy 23 faceMost single-player game modes in the RPG realm aren’t worth playing without an intriguing story. I think this year’s Face of the Franchise mode took a unique approach compared to previous versions. In previous years, EA’s FotF started later in the college football season. The main focus would be to wade through the college football playoffs and all the pre-draft nuance before hearing your name called by one of the 32 NFL teams.

This year, things are going a little differently. For starters, you’re no longer a wide-eyed rookie. Instead, you’re a fifth-year veteran looking for a fresh start and the perfect opportunity. You can sign with any NFL team, but each team’s interest will vary based on their current roster. For example, a team that needs a quarterback will be a better fit and most of the time will offer you a contract that reflects that. To help you decide, EA has gone back to the old way, giving each team a letter grade based on the team’s needs and suitability.

NBA 2K23 MyCareer ScenariosAnyone who has played MyCareer in NBA 2K games since the introduction of a full storyline with characters and cutscenes will be able to tell you that the overall backbone of the narrative hasn’t changed much from year to year. . Sure, they could bring in Spike Lee to handle the direction or alter your reader’s background slightly, but that hardly creates a ton of variety in the beats your story will inevitably hit. It doesn’t matter if your name happens to be Pres or Frequency Vibrations or the trusty acronym “MP” (get it, short for MyPlayer), you’ll probably have to worry about overcoming the same old hurdles of getting drafted, breaking the departure programming and dance around trade rumors. While you do this, you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by a combination of trusted friends (or annoying friends like B-Fresh in NBA 2K19), savvy agents, and savvy pros eager to offer advice. Before too long, you’re bound to have a nagging feeling that you’ve seen this film before. The same goes for the NBA 2K23 MyCareer story.

mlb the show 22 playoffsIt’s obvious that the cards featured in Diamond Dynasty get stronger as the year progresses. Power creep exists in every card game, from MLB The Show to Madden to Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering. It is a necessary function of each respective game and is the primary catalyst for excitement and anticipation that keeps gamers engaged. The debate and conversation about the best cards available, analysis on which cards are superior, and speculation on which cards to come. It’s all very relevant and basically forms the cornerstone of Diamond Dynasty every year. So it was no surprise that Legends of the Franchise ended up being the best program yet. It should be! But man was it surprising how powerful some of these cards were.

fifa 23 live setting updateOne of the features that intrigued me to try first hand was the new physics system. With HyperMotion 2 touted as a way to introduce more realistic physics to the game, I wanted to see if the changes had any real impact. Well, it’s a mixed bag on that front. For one, you can see the new revamped ball physics when you switch games. The ball spins and spins realistically as you track the ball from flight.

On the other hand, the items highlighted by EA before release, such as deflections and crash physics, look the same as last year. While player weight has increased for the better, players are still bumping into each other and producing unrealistic collisions, especially given the tendency to keep that finger above the sprint button. A lot of the new deflections that come from an extended foot or leg can only be seen on replay, and from some of the replays I’ve seen, these kicks – especially those of the variety of power – would cause painful injury. Deflects and 50-50s always favor the AI, especially as you get used to the new body types and what they mean in terms of speedup.

NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge Screenshot 4NBA 2K23 is the closest we’ve gotten to something that plays like a real basketball simulation. Things are a bit slower and more complicated to do this year, and I wasn’t sure what I would think of the changes that were made and discussed before launch. I can confidently say that this is the first time that 2K’s long-claimed “supreme rule of stick skill” has ring true overall. Add to that the fact that you have to play with IQ, and you have a fantastic basketball game on the court. Let’s break down the things that have worked well so far.

From the jump, shooting is more rewarding as you mostly have to “green” or shoot a perfect/excellent version for your shot to go in. I’ve seen a few “blanks” or slightly early/late shots, but that’s pretty rare. People who have trouble locking in their shot timing and exit points have complained about this, but most players are pretty happy with the change. Not getting bailed out for mistimed your move benefits everyone because it forces players to find a move that works for them, learn it, and stick with it. Mike Wang has already expressed his position on not wanting to touch the shot at all on Twitter.