Where to buy Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda sofa

As the last few years have forced us to be more indoors and familiar with our spaces, there has been a boom in interiors of seismic proportions. The very beige interior aesthetic prevailed, leaving curly furniture at the top of many people’s list, alongside Cesca chairs, marble finishes and the trendy sofa.

He’s been the focal point of our universe for better or worse for the past two years. On Instagram and at home, the It couch is both a marker of taste and aspirational status, and the place where we will then spend the most time, which makes it a relatively wise investment. There was the Ligne Roset Togo sofa, the de Sede Terrazza and DS 600 Non-Stop sofa, the Maralunga sofa, and the Birkin bag from It canapés, the B&B Italia Mario Bellini Camaleonda.

After creating the 70s-style low sofa in the 1970s for B&B Italia, the furniture company only made it for a few years before canceling the style, relegating us to luxury second-hand furniture sites. like 1stDibs to swoon over rare vintage Camaleondas. Last year, due to a huge surge in popularity, B&B reissued the Camaleonda, making it available for purchase again in an endless supply of fabrics.

With its sensual curves and conversation-pit-style modular layout, it’s not hard to see why the Camaleonda has taken the corner of the internet with an affinity for interiors. For many, it’s just an idea. For others, a centerpiece that money can’t put a price on, especially when it comes to such a timeless and iconic design. If you’re in the latter camp and ready to buy one, below is where to buy the Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa.

B&B Italy

As the original producer of the Camaleonda, B&B Italia is your most trusted destination for purchasing a brand new Camaleonda covered custom-configured to your liking. With an endless selection of builds and configurations to choose from, the interactive site is the perfect launching pad. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy online from their site, but you can contact one of their agents or buy in store to get one.

space furniture

For the Australian reader, Space Furniture is the destination of choice. With a similar offering to B&B, Space Furniture allows you to select the fabric and configuration of your choice. And if you try before you buy this kind of person, they have showrooms across the country for you to do.


For those looking for a more worn or unique vintage edition of the Camaleonda, 1stDibs is the most reliable source. Offering a constant rotation of exclusive and authentic vintage Camaleondas, you’ll be sure to find a gem here.


Another reliable used Camaleonda seller in Australia is Pamono. Offering a huge range of Camaleonda in various colors, fabrics and configurations, Pamono is the perfect platform to visit for a one-of-a-kind option.

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