Yorkdale Mall gets 7 new department stores and some are even new to Canada


The mall was closed, and agents from the Emergency Task Force and K9 Unit cleared the area and its surrounding businesses, making the scene safe. Shoppers inside the mall were safely escorted and reunited with their friends and families.

Two shoppers who were at the mall during the event shared their experience with us.

“It was a little scary and confusing to be locked up for hours on end without knowing exactly what was going on outside,” Oscar Daboin, a Latin musician, told Narcity via Instagram. “The worst part is that at the time we had family who were in other stores when the situation started and didn’t know if they were okay.”

“Many of the people who were next to us were old people and started to feel panic and [anxiety] attacks for not knowing what was going on outside until we read the news with our phones that the police force was already in place, “Daboin continued.” It really is a bad day to do shopping.”

Customer Akku Maria Boban was inside a clothing store when suddenly the staff started “running to their meeting room” and closing the store’s entry and exit doors. Boban told Narcity that those who were locked inside the store for “a few hours” didn’t know what was going on until they found out via social media.

“When they [mall staff] opened the door, we were so happy, and some people were running for the exit, ”Boban said.

Police have confirmed that at this time no injuries have been reported from the gunfire.

“The officers arrived immediately on [the] scene, and with the help of mall security, were able to arrest a man nearby, ”police said in the press release. “A loaded Glock-19 firearm was recovered along with ammunition. ”

The man was charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a loaded prohibited firearm, possession of a prohibited device knowing his possession is unauthorized, possession of a firearm with fire in violation of a restraining order, to discharge a firearm with intent to injure and endanger life, and three counts of assault. Agents will not release his name at this time for “investigative reasons.”

“The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority,” William Correia, manager of Yorkdale Mall, told Narcity via email. “There is no place for gun violence in our city, let alone in shopping malls. Toronto Police Services responded promptly and all questions should be directed to them as this [is] an active investigation. Yorkdale has excellent surveillance technology and we are working closely with the Toronto Police Services to support the investigation. “


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