You might mistake Nora Fatehi for a secret agent in a leather jacket, skirt and sunglasses with her Louis Vuitton bag and heels

Traveling generally requires the most comfortable outfits to accommodate unforeseen delays and awkward sleeping positions. Very rarely is it thought of turning the opportunity into a fashion statement. But the truth is, Nora Fatehi is not one of us. For the Bollywood star, every moment in the public eye is worth styling. So when she was heading to the airport for a flight, you would probably do a double take seeing her look. Looking like someone straight out of a spy novel, Ms Fatehi chose a black turtleneck worn with a black leather jacket and a matching mini skirt. Designer clothing was included as usual in the form of a black Louis Vuitton handbag and Valentino studded heels. Accessories consisted of black sunglasses, hoops and gold layered necklaces around her neck. Now, how could we live up to the chic Nora Fatehi look the next time we travel?

Nora Fatehi is seen at the airport

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Nora Fatehi has a penchant for the all-black look when she flies away. There was a time when she wore a tight black tank top with leather pants and a belt on top. Ankle boots completed the look. But it was his bright yellow Fendi bag, costing nearly 5 million rupees, that stole the show.


And while we’re on the subject of bright designer colors, we can’t fail to miss the moment when Nora wore a black tracksuit that consisted of a tank top, jacket and joggers as well as a large brown Fendi tote. on his arm. Black reigns supreme in her travel wardrobe, it seems.


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